Staff Scientist:

David Beeman

Since joining the Bower laboratory more than 15 years ago, David
Beeman has been responsible for managing the GENESIS simulation
project, especially with respect to users. Dr. Beeman is currently
working in collaboration with Kay Robbins in the Department of
Computer Science at the University of Texas San Antonio on a redesign
of the GENESIS users interface in order to more rapidly and
effectively develop educational tutorials in the GENESIS system.

Postdoctoral Fellows:

Augusto Petacchi

Dr. Petacchi utilizes electrophysiological techniques to study
cerebellar function it the context of the auditory system. He is mapping the afferent
auditory input to the cerebellum and applying the data to understand how cerebellar
cortex processes afferent information and then influences brainstem auditory structures.
Dr. Petacchi is also testing cerebellar patient populations for auditory acuity and
otoacoustic emissions, as well as imaging cerebellar responses to auditory stimuli
in normal humans.

Graduate Student:

Rachel Wilcox, Ph.D Candidate, UTSA

Mando Rodriguez, Software Engineer, UTHSCSA